Gaming Memories - 06 - RoboRob


September 3rd, 2019

3 hrs 56 secs

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About this Episode

Robert Anderson aka "RoboRob" is a dear old friend , original member of DAMN SON! and a prolific music producer. His music is heavily inspired by video games with many official and unofficial remixes as well as tons of video game themed releases. He has worked closely with Tiny Waves and The Materia collective, both which are fantastic labels providing top notch video game inspired music for the masses.⁣

He recently released the official Kingdom Hearts 3 remix album entitled: "Kingdom Heartbeats" Among many other great releases one that sticks out to me is a Borderlands themed rap album he produced with the group "RPG - Unit."⁣

I first found RoboRob on Reddit looking for video game themed music years ago and had no idea he was a fellow Utah native for quite some time. Much to my surprise and delight we linked up years ago, worked in DAMN SON! together and have been gaming together ever since. Recently we've been playing Remnant: From The Ashes in which Rob basically does all the hard work and I reap all the sweet, sweet loot.⁣

In this episode we touch on how he ended up spearheading the official Kingdom Hearts 3 Remix album, working with labels and breaking into the video music game world. We also talk about RTS games, college life and depression as well as ruminate on loot boxes and the disastrous launch of the recent Star Wars Battlefront. And of course, with me we inevitably talk about our favorite JRPG's.⁣

I had a fantastic time talking to Rob and feel super honored to have a guest of his caliber on the show. I hope you all enjoy the show.⁣

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